jQuery plugin to style scrollbars (cross-browser compatible)

I really seem to have grown a sudden interest in jQuery plugins, I’ve been researching on jQuery a lot lately and this little plugin called jScrollPane was something I just couldn’t seem to help paying some attention to. Basically, it’s a jQuery plugin that allows you to style scrollbars using both images and colors via CSS that work on all browsers. I’ve personally tested it and found no trouble in it’s functionality across different browsers. And by scrollbars, I mean the actual vertical scrollbars you see on your browser.


What I really liked about this plugin is that it really works on all browsers and if your browser doesn’t support jQuery, it won’t just mess up everything by anything stupid like leaving a visitor with no scrollbar at all, instead, it puts the default scrollbar of a browser in place so that people can browse through the site. Moreover, if you include the Mouse Wheel plugin  in your website – which is a piece of cake to do- then even the scroll wheel of your mouse will work too, just as it would with a regular scrollbar of any browser.

Take a look at THIS to get an idea of what this plugin can do, a great example put together by James Roe.


It’s got one problem though, once again I’ve stumbled upon something with poor documentation, guess I’m gonna have to come up with one on my own, so don’t worry, just keep in touch and I’ll hook you up with one.

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